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Resource Package That Is A Must For Any Aspiring Leader!

Dear Aspiring Leader,

When you are in a leadership position, a lot of what you say and do can leave a lasting impression on others—particularly those who report to you.

Your ability to influence others gives you a chance to build a productive, engaged, and happy team. But this is easier said than done.

You need training and the right skills to be able to function as a leader that make people feel inspired and that is where we can help.

Why Choose Us?

Our founder John Mazlin has spent the last 30 years working for some of the world’s leading brands in senior leadership roles.

It was through his continued focus on people, he enjoyed tremendous success and pride in making such a profound difference to so many.

He has experienced different cultures, exploring Wonders of the World, immersed himself in different ways of life and even volunteered at the Rio Olympics.

His journey and those experiences have him to want to help others make a difference through growing their leadership effectiveness and as such founded this company.

John states…

“Its purpose, my purpose is to harness that 30 years of experience and skills with a view to partner with leaders, managers, organizations from all walks of life and pass on the proven techniques that has been so effective in my journey”.

30 Years Experience With Leading Brands

The People Have Spoken

“In my opinion John has added value to our store at each of his visits. He will always listen to the good and bad and make suggestions as to how we can plan steps to overcome the bad and to continue with the good. John uses his knowledge to offer good suggestions to continue to push the small store network to achieve higher standards. This builds the entire brand. I have been a Store Manager for approx. 14 years and John is the first to visit my store firstly discussing the business and then before completing his visit will always ask me if there is anything he can help me with on a personal level. He is an asset to our Brand”

“John has been a priceless mentor and life coach. He provided me with invaluable leadership skills such as dealing with conflict in my management role and active listening, which have been life changing and given me more confidence in my professional life as well as my personal life. His patience, generosity and calm encouragement have enriched my life and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is wanting to improve their leadership and confidence skills in their professional and personal lives”

“Everything John is currently doing for Me, Our Business and Our Team is spot on. His support and advice has been crucial to the improvements we have been making”

“Always trying to stretch our imagination and keeping us honest. He does a great job”

“John shows genuine interest in my business and gives constructive feedback for improvements”

“As a leader marshal, I would like to thank you as part of the team of volunteers at the golf tournament during RIO 2016 Olympic Games. Despite the lack of benchmark, as golf only returned to the games this year, we were able to develop a perfect job. Your role controlling the number 1 green was definitely a differential. Thank you very much for your dedication”

“John always provides great suggestions on how we can improve our business”

“John always acts with integrity and gives honest feedback”

“Johns’ strengths reflect how he gives feedback in big box retail. Always looking at things we can improve upon Store and Brand”

“Many robust conversations are asked, and he does not give me any latitude for being female lol… Joking aside he always strives to be honest and if he does not know the answer, he is honest enough to say he will get back to me”

“Always makes time to sit and talk through any thing I need. Will commit time to talk about opportunities also gets back to me in a timely manner”

“John tells me what I need to hear not want I want to hear”

“He takes a considered and collaborative approach with our Team”

“He really helps give the right perspective which is very helpful”

“Very professional”

Let Us Help You Begin Your Journey

Great leaders help people grow.

At Lighthouse LeaderShips we are all about making a difference and that is what sets us apart.

We share what we know and look out for learning opportunities for the people we work with.

Our aim is to mentor, equip, inspire and transform those that give us the opportunity and see dramatic results.

The business world needs a new generation of leaders who are adequately trained as a whopping 79% of employees will quit their jobs due to lack of appreciation from leaders.

This is why we created the ultimate package to think different and think leadership to be transformed.

What Does This Ultimate Package Include?


  • 5 x 1 Hour Session With Our Founder

  • All Time Zones Catered For

  • Real Time Or Pre-Recorded Options

  • Multiple Platforms – Zoom, Facebook, One-on-One

  • Audio Recording Of Your Session

  • Outcome Focused

  • Relational & Partnership Centric

  • Unlock Your Potential

  • Robust & Reflective Discussion

  • Real Life Examples Unpacked & Solved For

Please note that due to increasing demand of this service we cannot accept cancellations within 24 hours of your scheduled booking. The session will be forfeited.


  • Leadership Mentoring

  • Leadership Clarity

  • Leadership and Management

  • Introduction To Management Styles

  • Leadership Reality

  • Classical Management Styles

  • Hard Things You Do To Be A Great Leader

  • Leadership Mindset

  • Leadership Time

  • Leadership Growth

  • Pillars of Leadership

  • Leadership Theories

  • Key Leadership Theories

  • Advanced Leadership Theories

  • Leaders Understand

  • Leadership – What Next?

  • Inspirational Videos

  • Exercises

  • Lead Your Amygdala

  • Leadership Planning

  • Leadership Actions

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Leadership Behaviours

  • Leadership Construction

  • Leadership Journey

  • Leadership Endurance

  • Leadership Mentors

  • Recommended Reading

  • Leaders Make A Difference

  • Leading

  • Leadership Lessons

  • Leadership – ‘Why’

  • Leadership Foundations

  • Leadership Next Steps

  • Leadership Reflection

  • Leadership Conversations

  • Leading Culture

  • Leadership Thoughts

  • Leadership Thoughts Continued

  • Leadership Story

  • The Autocrat

  • The Participative Leader

  • The Reformer

  • My Leadership Journey

  • Leadership – What Next?

You Will Also Receive These Additional Bonuses

Self-Awareness Personality Questionnaire RRP $29

As part of your order you will receive the Self Awareness Personality Questionnaire.

Now it may sound a bit daunting at first, but this insight into human behaviour is quite liberating.

With the right tools, it means we can become more self-aware and streamline life as a result.

This test is one of those tools and taking it could contribute to your personal development in ways that would not be possible without this knowledge.

100 Day Plan Template

As part of your order, you will receive the ‘100 Day Plan’ template.

Having a plan is vital when you begin putting your newfound skills into practice.

You need to stay focused and hold yourself accountable for your goals and also failures.

The first 100 days is crucial in creating lasting habits that will cement the foundation for continued leadership success.

30 Minute Reflective Coaching Session RRP $79

As part of your order, you will receive a 30 Minute Reflective Coaching Session.

Our founder John Mazlin will host an online video conference via Zoom or Facebook where you will get quality one on one time to reflect on your journey so far.

The session will be recorded and an audio file will be sent to you on completion. You will have access to the information discussed to look back on when needed.

These sessions are invaluable and can really make a difference in your walk with leadership.

Here’s What To Do Next

Click the “Add To Cart” button below, fill out your information on the next page, and then once the order is successful, you will be directed to the booking form and access to the Mastering Leadership Series.

It’s that simple!

We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your booking and give you the necessary details required for your session.

Normally $1597
Today Just $997

Leadership is a journey with clearly defined steps and stages, where you need to build knowledge, experience, and techniques to move to the next level and these take time and patience to develop.

As you work through each instalment of our Mastering Leadership Series with the mentoring sessions, you build on what you have learned and continue to take the necessary steps forward in learning to become a better leader.

We tailor our sessions to your needs to help you achieve maximum results and enhance your leadership skills.

As we like to say here at Lighthouse LeaderShips…

‘The journey is the destination.’

Begin your journey today with the help of ‘Mastering Leadership Level 1’.

We look forward to hearing about your success story in the near future.

Warm Regards

Lighthouse LeaderShips