Adversity Is A Bridge To Joy

My journey to make a difference started as a 7-year-old boy born into poverty in small town New Zealand.

I was very lost. I was grappling with an extremely harsh & toxic environment, in and out of shelters and very much not liking what life was dishing up to me.

I played a lot of sport in those days because it acted as a great escape and a refuge from my troubled home life.

After jumping into a giant foam pit at gymnastics, one of the instructors reached out to help me up as I struggled to get out of it myself.

I think he sensed in me a general sadness and he asked me if I wanted to come along to a Youth Group where we would play lots of fun games – I didn’t need much convincing! The impact that decision and that person had on my whole life was transformational.

The reason I share this is that for me, it absolutely illustrates what can become of a dark situation when people choose to make a difference. Those experiences provided me with empathy and a real understanding of the need for authentic leaders.

Wind forward 10 years and I had a McDonald’s Store Manager take me under her wing and help develop some of the key attributes that make up a good leader.

The next 20 years saw me work for some of the worlds leading brands in senior leadership roles. It was through this continued focus on people, I enjoyed tremendous success and pride in making such a profound difference to so many.

During the last 10 years I have travelled the world visiting over 80 countries. Experiencing different cultures, exploring Wonders of the World, immersing myself in different ways of life and even volunteered at the Rio Olympics.

This journey and those experiences have led me to want to help others make a difference through growing their leadership effectiveness and as such founded this company.

Its purpose, my purpose is to harness that 30 years of experience and skills with a view to partner with leaders, managers, organisations from all walks of life and pass on the proven techniques that has been so effective in my journey.

“Managers create followers, but leaders create more leaders”

John Mazlin
Founder Lighthouse LeaderShips

30 Years Experience With Leading Brands

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